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In a world where magic is returning, Jace and his friends must learn to deal with the changes that it will bring. As the Soulkind are rekindled, the dreams he once had are not the same as the danger that this awakening brings.
The story focuses on Jace, a young man at a crossroads in his life. He has a unique skill in which he collects a stone whenever he has a particular memory he wishes to remember. Later, when he but touches the stone, that memory will flash before his eyes as real as the time when it actually happened. However, there is one stone in his possession that he has no memory of getting.
The Soulkind Awakening is book one in a young adult fantasy adventure series.

Welcome to Steve Davala’s web page. He is an 7th/8th grade math and science teacher and a writer.

He writes simple science articles for parenting magazines.

His new blog, Davalablog, is linked. His old blog entries can be read here.

The Soulkind Awakening is Steve’s first fantasy story available through Lulu and Amazon. Click the link below to see the book.

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