Skywatch: Creating an original world for the story

ship design by Brennan Wagner

Always being connected to technology is nothing new for Daj, a young Maglan who dreams of flying. With constant access to vid streams, friends, fans, and everything digital, there’s nothing else he needs. When he stumbles upon an anti-tech group, however,
he begins to see the other side of a world controlled by technology.

When coming up with ideas for the story I felt like I had to run as far away as I could from my sci-fi roots… that is everything Star Wars. I’d spent years living and breathing SW (and no, there is no connection other than coincidence that my title is also SW…) that I always wanted to write a story in that universe. In fact, I had once upon a time created a bit of fan-fiction explaining how the Death Star plans originated.

And of course, there’s always the super-space-battle drawings I used to make as a kid all the time.

I think this drawing played out as a movie in my mind… first I drew everything and then the “Ultimate” battle began. Yes, I was only 10.

The reason I wanted to “unlearn” what I had learned, was so I could go into a story fresh and try to create everything my own, with no influences. See my article on creating fresh ideas.

Skywatch is an original sci-fi story set on a far-away planet called Magla. I toyed around with setting my story on Earth in the (near) future but there were too many things I had to think of… avoiding pop culture, phrases, etc. But then when you go to a different planet, you also have to wonder “Is this too similar to Earth? Why? Do they have dogs there?”

Being the science/math teacher I am, I had to think about the evolutionary trends on the planet. I created Magla as a planet with a high magnetic field. How would life have evolved on that planet? Would they have learned to adapt to it somehow? Use it for their own advantages? What different niches would organisms have?

I didn’t address all those things in the book, but I certainly thought about them as I crafted the world and its life forms. Of course, I don’t want to spoil ALL the things about the life on that planet as it is key to the storyline. You’ll just have to find out more in the next couple of months!

Keep an eye out for more articles and news about my upcoming story, Skywatch, releasing in June of 2021.

Skywatch ship design by Brennan Wagner

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