The Soulkind Series

The Soulkind Series follows the adventures of Jace and his friends as magic awakens in an epic fantasy world. Expect action, magical creatures, and awakened evil trying to once again control power.

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The Soulkind Awakening: Book 1

After lying dormant for a thousand years, the Soulkind awaken. Many step forward to claim their magic, but childhood dreams quickly fade under the harsh reality of its return. Who will wield the Soulkind and who must watch helplessly as magic lies forever out of reach? Who will their power corrupt? What unforeseen dangers will they bring? Jace and his friends stumble through these questions as they try to find their way in a world where the soulkind awakening changes everything they know.

The Shadow of the Soulkind: Book 2

Lost in a frozen wasteland. Home lies far way.Though the magic Jace and his friends possess swells within them, they falter with their new found power. And yet the need has never beengreater. The relentless Darrak march upon the land and an awakened evil covets their magic.The call to power is overwhelming and threatens Jace’s very soul. Can he resist the shadow of the Soulkind when it may be the only way tosave his friends?

The Soulkind Master: Book 3

The final book in the Soulkind Series follows Jace as he searches for balance in the Soulkind. Straeten is still possessed by Fay. The Darrak are poised to strike Myraton and anyone who opposes them. And a mysterious threat looms over everything as the dark Soulkind Masters move to control the land. How far will Jace go to stop the scales of magic from tipping forever toward evil?