New to the World of Magla? Meet Cam

In the world of Skywatch, technology rules. Daj, a Maglan sponsored by Scitech, needs lots of camera time to keep up the ratings on his vid streams. Lucky for him, he’s got a little friend that can get all the angles that the Nanosite technology can’t reach.

Here’s a pixel sketch of one of my favorite characters in the book!

Meet Cam. She’s a Camdrone Mark I, practically a fossil amongst the ever-developing tech, and Daj has known her for as long as he can remember. She’s a personal tracking camera drone, but she’s so much more.

She’s the only thing Daj has left from his parents.

Want to hear more? Read Skywatch, releasing on 6/10/21 on the major sites, including Amazon. Audiobook is coming in July!

If you’re interested in getting an advanced copy for review purposes, check it out here on Booksprout.

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