Introducing the main character of Skywatch

Skywatch is my upcoming sci-fi novel releasing in June 2021. It is set on a distant planet called Magla where technology is embedded in nearly every being. This tech called “Nanosite,” allows users to be connected to each other all the time.

Today I’d like to share with you some information on my main character, Daj. Daj is a vid streamer, sponsored by a big-name corporation to advertise their tech; mainly new gear that he shows off on various jumps and trick runs across the city.

He’s got millions of followers and viewers. He lives for it the views and the social aspect of it all, but he’s always wanted to fly. That’s why he does tricks and stunt runs, but he’s got a bigger picture in his mind. Someday he wants to be a space pilot manning the rigs in the Dust Field in the planet’s atmosphere.

Is he a likeable character? Well, he is pretty self-centered. I mean, who wouldn’t be with all those followers and fans? He has little time for anything besides his dreams of flying.

My beta readers have stated that he is a believable character because he wants what he wants… but that’s because he doesn’t know everything yet. You can’t blame him for what he believes in because that’s how he was raised… right?

So, within a short time, Daj is in the thick of danger… and is forced to make decisions that might affect other people besides himself. Will he make the right ones?

A lot of my influence for this character comes from my job. I have taught a lot of students over 21 years, and the social media push in the last few years has made me think of a world where being connected all the time isn’t really just in our heads anymore. The means to be connected 24/7 is out there… but what if it was built into people? Could you really escape it? And would you want to?

Read the novel, Skywatch when it releases in June 2021.

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